WV-Sen: New Emerson Poll Has Sen. Joe Manchin (D) Beating Patrick Morrisey (R) 45-33

Some good news today out of West Virginia courtesy of Emerson University’s latest poll:

A new Emerson College e-Poll finds US Senator Joe Manchin (D) leading the State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R) 45% to 33%, 16% were undecided. The poll was conducted between September 13-15, mm, n=825, +/- 3.5%.

President Trump continues to be popular in West Virginia with a 55% favorability rating and a 36% unfavorable rating. Manchin also is popular in the state, but not as popular as Trump, with a 47% favorable and 37% unfavorable rating among voters. Manchin’s opponent, Morrisey, is underwater with a 44% unfavorable rating and a 32% favorable rating.

While Morrisey competes with Manchin among male voters with 37% of the vote compared with 40% for Manchin, females prefer Manchin by a wide margin –   49% to 29%.

Recently, Sen. Manchin released a new advertisement on TV in which he “shoots down” a lawsuit backed by Morrisey. 56% of voters said they had seen the Manchin ad, of which 45% said they were more likely to vote for Manchin, while 38% said they were less likely. However, among undecided voters who had seen the ad, 38% said they were less likely to vote for Manchin, as compared to 27% being more likely to vote for the incumbent Senator.

They also tested the congressional races in West Virginia and there’s more good news:

District 3: Richard Ojeda II (D) 36%, Carol Miller (R) at 31%, with 33% undecided (n=274, +/-6.3%)

Let’s keep up the momentum and hold this seat and flip another. Click below to donate and get involved with Manchin and Ojeda’s campaigns:

Joe Manchin

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