Wow! Chuck Todd neuters Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, 'There is nothing lazier than that excuse.'

Wow! Chuck Todd goes after Texas Rep Dan Crenshaw, 'There is nothing lazier than that excuse.'

Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) appeared on Meet The Press to turn questions into talking points. He got a few out, but ultimately Chuck Todd neutered him.

Chuck Todd neuters Dan Crenshaw

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It started fairly cordial with Todd asking Crenshaw about his opinion on the Liz Cheney event. Chuck asked Crenshaw if she was kicked out of the party because she did not toe the Trump Big Lie. He disagreed. But then he pretty much said she was kicked out because she didn’t play ball with the liars in the GOP.

Chuck then had an important gotcha question. Dan Crenshaw had signed on the Texas Attorney General suit against several states questioning the changes they made to their election mechanics, affecting a constitutional question. Crenshaw was not prepared for it, so he went on the attack, which Chuck quickly neutered.

“In December, you signed on to that lawsuit that the Texas attorney general filed to question the elections of other states,” Chuck Todd said. “Which seemed to be a pretty anti-federalist thing to do. Why did you sign on to that?”

”Yeah, yeah,” Crenshaw replied. “You guys in the press painted that as some extreme action, and of course it wasn’t.”

After some back and forth, it got a bit more heated. Chuck pointed out that even a Maricopa County Republican official referred to Trump as unhinged as he weaponized the bad acts by congresspersons like Crenshaw to attack.

“You know, I understand you guys want to put this behind you,” Chuck said. “But he is the leader of your party, and he doesn’t stop talking about this nonsense.”

”Look, you guys in the press love doing this,” Crenshaw replied after some back and forth. “And I, and I get it, right? The press is largely liberal.”

Chuck slammed back like we do not normally see him do against Republicans.

“That is lazy,” Chuck replied. “Look, there’s nothing lazier. There’s nothing lazier than that.”

Chuck did not let up much on this one. He was, of course, conciliatory at the end.

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  • May 16, 2021
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