Would not be surprised if Matt, no shirt Gym and Collins fell out in the floor kicking and screaming

These are adults?  Really.  Someone needs to stick a bar of soap in their mouth for their tantrums in a place of honor such as The United States Congress in a somber hearing of An Impeachment Trial.   

If any of my kids, adult or otherwise would be in so much trouble with my husband and me, if they acted out in a public place or home but especially in a place like a congressional hearing, they would be pulled out of such place by the ear and given a talking to like no other whether they felt they were right or wrong.

Decency, respect was just not taught to this bunch.  

I feel Chairman Nadler could do a better job at holding respect in the decorm of the Roberts Rule of Order of which they are bound to.  I feel when they will not suspend…escort them out.  You can ask a question without yelling.