The Hill

“There might be a winter chill in the air, but President Trump and his family are sweating like it’s Phoenix in July. The White House, perpetually beset by chaos and inner turmoil, had been uncomfortably awaiting Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s document outlining how Paul Manafort violated his cooperation agreement by lying to prosecutors. But there’s an even greater sense of despair for Donald Trump Jr, who reportedly decided to sneak off to Canada for a little “hunting” while he remains hunted here in the United States.

Don Jr’s legal woes were the focus of a recent holiday gathering at the St. Regis in Washington to celebrate the engagement of former campaign staffer and CNN contributor David Urban. The attendees included Dina Powell, Ivanka Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Tony Sayegh, a Republican strategist whom Trump appointed assistant secretary of the Treasury.”

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