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Women overwhelmingly support Dems in new WaPo/ABC poll

This is what happens when you put a rapey asshole on the Supreme Court, despite every indication that he’s an angry, victim-blaming drunk who’s never atoned for his past. For some reason, women notice.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll gives Democrats a robust 11-point advantage less than a month before the midterms, and women are leading the way:

Democratic candidates for the House lead Republicans by 11 percentage points among registered voters, 53-42 percent. That holds among likely voters across a range of turnout scenarios, with 12- to 14-point Democratic leads. It’s difficult for Democrats to hold their vote share in the shift from registered to likely voters, especially in midterms – a testament to Democratic motivation this year.

The Democrats’ advantage reflects a wide gender gap in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates. Women who are registered to vote support Democratic candidates by 59-37 percent, while men split about evenly, 46-48 percent. That, in turn, reflects these women’s more negative views of Trump – they’re 16 points more apt than men to disapprove of his work in office. As reported Friday, they’re also more critical of his latest Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

It doesn’t mean anything, of course, if we don’t vote.

Meanwhile, FiveThirtyEight still gives the GOP an 80 percent chance of maintaining control of the Senate. Prove them wrong!

Remember, remember the 6th of November.


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