Yes, we are seriously going back to this again.

I was really being tough and so was he. And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love. No really. He wrote me beautiful letters. 

They were great letters. And then we fell in love!

                                                                              —Donald J. Trump on Kim Jong Un

Trump’s unhealthy obsession with approval from the likes of Putin and Kim Jong Un is despicable, but also dangerous. Violent dictators around the world learned that all you need to get on Trump’s good side is to stroke his ego. Kim’s torture and enslavement of his own populace, along with his nuclear tests and military provocations, stopped bothering Trump the moment he got a “beautiful letter” from Kim.

Trump dismissed the concerns from North Korea’s neighbors and said the important thing is that Kim is now calling Biden a low IQ indivdual”.  Biden, I should note, is not “in love” with Kim Jong Un and doesn’t gush and change national policy just because he writes a love letter.   


Trump instantly changed course and become Kim’s biggest cheerleader. Kim didn’t have to give up anything: he just realized what a feckless moron Trump was and how desperate he was for attention.  Trump continued to visit North Korea, giving the dictator photo ops and allowing Kim to use those as propaganda that America kowtowed to him.

Trump adores how terrified Kim’s minions are of him, and just wanted to be treated the same:


— Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) June 15, 2018


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Unfortunately, Trump’s big play last year was to negotiate a big peace treaty with North Korea. Everyone with half a brain knew the moment Trump would ask for, you know, something–anything…it would fail because Kim was just interested in using him.  Right on cue, the negotiations fell apart in Vietnam, and Kim didn’t think twice about resuming his threats of violence.

A normal person would have taken the hint. But Trump is anything but normal.

Trump idiotically still believes Kim is his best friend, and he misses him.

Instead of focusing on just about anything else that would be remotely helpful as America suffers its worse crisis in over 80 years, Trump instead used this as an opportunity to suck up to Kim in the worst possible way.

U.S. President Donald Trump wrote to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and expressed his desire to cooperate on combating the coronavirus, North Korean state media reported.

Trump “expressed his intent to render cooperation in the anti-epidemic work, saying that he was impressed by the efforts made by the Chairman to defend his people from the serious threat of the epidemic,” North Korean state news agency KCNA reported.

Brilliant, Trumpo. Let’s work with North Freaking Korea on the coronavirus, because….reasons.

For the record, North Korea lies. Their official numbers are, like Trump’s, complete BS. North Korea says they have no patients. Sure.

North Korea does have an effective way of social distancing, though. If you are suspected of being a coronavirus patient, you are murdered. There are also reports of people being killed for breaking quarantine.

Interestingly enough, Trump said absolutely NOTHING about South Korea, which impressively took an aggressive response and conducted wide-spread testing in the early stages. Their cases have dropped dramatically, and their success is both real and doesn’t rely on citizen murder. THAT is the Korea we should be working with. 

You would think by now that Trump would at least be very focused on trying to do something to recover from his botched, incompetent, and slow response to the pandemic. At the very least, I was hoping this domestic crisis would be an opportunity to prevent him from further screwing up foreign diplomacy. 

As always, I have underestimated his narcissism and gross incompetence. Trump is using the coronavirus as an excuse to make-up with his dictator buddy, who will hopefully send him more love letters and the attention he craves. This little bit of news was overlooked by the media, which has been overwhelmed by more Trump terribleness—namely the attack on a reporter for asking a softball question and then stating he would likely take government stimulus money for his hotels he’s been profiting off of as president.

I honestly admire Trump: no matter how bad he does, he always, always finds a way to make things even worse.

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