The Wisconsin GOP, in a last ditch effort to save right-wing Justice Dan Kelly, forced an in-person election during the worst pandemic in US history because they admitted a low turnout election would put him in victory. Donald Trump, doing everything but his job, supported this and found plenty of time to tweet constantly about needing a victory for Mr. Kelly. 

This is because of an upcoming case that will decide if hundreds of thousands of Democratic voters can be illegally purged from the state rolls. A victory win for Kelly would have kept the partisan balance on the Court required to make that happen, as well as help Trump with the state in November. 

The GOP knew pissing off voters would be bad, but didn’t care. They were sure this ploy would work. The bastards even had the audacity to actually CELEBRATE the ruling by the hyper-partisan US Supreme Court, which found on a 5-4 party-line vote that Wisconsinites had to vote in-person.

  • Never mind that they were told otherwise.
  • Never mind that most of them were UNABLE to get their absentee ballots delivered.
  • Never mind that bin after bin of crammed absentee ballots were discovered in post offices, never to have been delivered.

NOPE—screw ‘em. Kavanaugh promised vengeance with every vote, and the other conservatives are either sycophants or too invested in GOP politics to enact justice. There was no damn excuse for this ruling. The Robert’s Supreme Court has given up even showing the false pretense of non-partiality, and rules in favor of whatever they think will help their party win, even if lives are on the line.

So Wisconsinites were forced by the GOP to make a choice: lose your right to vote, or risk your life. 

Unfortunately for them, the majority of Wisconsinites decided that they would NOT be cowed. There’s a reason they are represented by a badger, it’s a pretty docile creature– until it’s threatened. Then it will rip your face off.   Angry citizens stood in line for hours, under masks and in full get-up. It poured down rain at one point, but they all stayed in line. They sent a message loud and clear:


Liberal Jill Karofsky creamed right-wing Justice Daniel Kelly.

She is the second person to knock off a sitting justice in over five decades!!

Better yet, several judges that Scott Walker picked also were defeated. The Democrats won the whole ball of wax, and we owe it all to the GOP’s hatred of democracy. 

Just a month ago, many polls showed Trump with a solid lean in Wisconsin. That’s gone, buddy. The people are pissed off! They should be. They are cleaning house. You f—d up, GOP. You f—d up good!

Wisconsinites know exactly what was done to them, and by whom. Many of them probably would have sat this election out, and no doubt there were thousands of fence-sitters. But then the GOP went after them—threatened them—and tried to force them to stay home. Americans, and especially mid-Westerners, don’t take too kindly to folks who put their lives in danger. 

This is what GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was wearing when he said that voting in person was no big deal: 

And Trump should be very, very, very scared. Not for just losing the election, which is practically a foregone conclusion at this point, but what happens afterwards. When all of his cowardly lackeys no longer have any fear of him, they will spill everything. Trump can barely conceal the crimes he commits now, but just wait. He’s going to have a miserable final few years. But he can take solace that nothing that happens to him will come close to what he’s done to his fellow Americans the past few years—including the children he tormented.

Sadly, Trump is only going to get more desperate and depraved until he’s gone. My God, if he can torture a state full of voters he actually needs, just imagine the awful things he will try to do to everyone else.

But make no mistake, he WILL be gone!!

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