Wisconsin Republicans tap literal fraudster to help them with their fraudit

It’s nearly inconceivable the amount of time, energy, and money Donald Trump’s fans have poured into challenging the results of the 2020 election, simply because Trump couldn’t squeeze the words “I lost” out of the one orifice on his body that’s borderline capable of such elocution. Instead, he let his marginally less lucid end do the talking, and that’s led to all manner of woes for this country and its long-beleaguered, Drumpf-weary citizens.

By my reckoning, we’re now 15 months past Donald Trump’s defenestration, and his scurfy arse is still stuck inside the window frame—because some dead-enders simply can’t fathom how the most vulgar, venal, vicious, corrupt, and incompetent pr*sident ever to finish his tenure with negative overall job growth could have possibly lost an election to Joe Biden. (Yes, that’s really how they think.)

And now, because Arizona’s fraudit went so well for anti-Biden election truthers, Wisconsin is taking its own bite of the poison apple. And they’ve found the perfect person to help them. A convicted felon!

  • February 9, 2022