Wisconsin governor flies rainbow flag over Capitol, GOP lawmaker thinks he's being repressed

I’ll never understand people who can look at a symbol of love and inclusion and see only hate and divisiveness.

But that’s today's Republican Party for you.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has ordered a rainbow flag flown over the state Capitol to mark Pride Month, but at least one GOPster thinks it’s a deliberate slap in his tender, snowflakey face.

State Rep. Scott E. Allen, who describes himself on his Twitter as a “Child of God” and a “Family Man,” tweeted this in response to Evers’ proclamation:


Uh, is being gay a religion now? Because if it is, I know several people who could use the tax exemption.

The state flag has a picture of a badger, a sailor, and a miner on it. They walk into a bar (because there are a lot of those in Wisconsin) and take up the holy chalice of brandy Old-Fashioneds. So I guess that’s a religious symbol too now.

And does he really think Christianity is underrepresented in our government and society? Really?

Allen later explained his position to the AP via Twitter: “It advocates a behavior or lifestyle that some Wisconsin residents may not condone. Therefore it is divisive.”

Dude, I was born in Wisconsin, lived there for decades, and I’m a vegan. “America’s Dairyland” was printed on my license plate, FFS. I had no choice — because I needed to drive to downtown Madison to find a restaurant that didn’t automatically put Sargento cheddar shreds and bacon on my garden salad without asking.

Suck it up, snowflake. Other people live in Wisconsin besides you. I think your delicate constitution can handle this for at least a few more weeks.

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