Humans are not inherently evil. Have you ever noticed that accentuating the positive in someone many times lead that person to attempt to continue on that path? Personally, I can tell you that living up to the expectations of others is what made me a better person.

The converse is also true. I remember going to a movie that depicted a story where the new principal of Eastside High School, Joe Louis Clark, tore down all the “cages” in his high school. He said if you treat the kids like animals, that is the behavior one should expect from them. It left an indelible impression on me.

Externalities have a strong influence on all humans. Minds can be manipulated for good, evil, and just outright control. These externalities, well-honed by a few, control the minds and actions of most people today. The only way we are going to get out of it is if we give our minds a chance to go through alternate paths and not believe that because we learned about things as they are, that is how they should be, and will be going forward. We'd do better opening our minds to other possibilities, especially when reality seems so tenuous.

In that light, let me first lay out a polled fact. North of 60% of Americans (not just Democrats) support most of the policies articulated by The Squad (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib). Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave an inspiring speech on this reality at Netroots Nation that everyone should listen to with an open mind.

Joe Biden currently has a lead in the Democratic and general presidential races. That is likely because of a false, psychologically manufactured narrative that implies he is the only one who can beat Trump. The thing is, most Democrats want someone else. The most recent DFA poll of progressives should be a wake-up call.

It is a fact that the establishment of both major political parties is funded by the same rich people, in the aggregate. Policies less amenable to the poor and middle class would continue with Biden or Trump in power. Biden comes without Trump's theft and socio-ethical issues, but it is clear that Trump would do as articulated by Democratic operative Donny Deutsch.

When the former “owner of BET and black billionaire” accuses the Democratic Party of moving too far to the left, it should confirm that what we have is a class issue and all tools, including all the -isms, will be used to maintain class supremacy. And guess what: If white supremacy is the necessary tool, it is clear Kanye West and BET billionaire Robert Johnson have no problem with it.

Now, many Democrats are allowing both Republicans and the Democratic establishment to hate on The Squad. They fear that these four heroes (and yes, these young compatriots are my heroes), who are doing much of what is overdue, may cause us to lose the election. One must ask: Why would that be the case if, when polled specifically on policy positions, most Americans agree with them?

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