Trump wants Urkaine to manufacture dirt on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.  It’s a smear campaign by Trump that is a replay of “But Hillary’s Emails!”  Trump’s latest criminality has finally forced the House Democrats to confront the continue lawlessness of Trump.  And even Joe Biden, who previously didn’t address the issue of Trump’s impeachment, is now for it.  Good.  However, I seriously wonder if Joe Biden will change his political message of bipartisanship.  And Trump’s smear campaign and the GOPs actions should make Joe Biden recalibrate his political messaging.

Biden has been running on a political message of a return to “normalcy.”

“The American people want their government to work, and I don’t think that’s too much for them to ask,” he said. “I know some people in DC say it can’t be done. but let me tell them something, and make sure they understand this. The country is sick of the division. They’re sick of the fighting. They’re sick of the childish behavior.”

“There isn’t a single person among you,” Biden continued, gaining speed, jabbing his finger into the podium, “or anywhere in this country, who could get away with that in their jobs. All they want is their president, their senators, their representatives, to do their jobs, just do your jobs!…

“I know some of the smart folks say Democrats don’t want to hear about unity,” Biden said. “The angrier a candidate can be, the better chance they have to win the nomination. I don’t believe it. I really don’t. I believe Democrats want to unify this nation.”…

It’s important to be clear on this point: Biden doesn’t have a plan to heal American politics. His answer to the divisiveness of the Trump years is to replace Trump in the White House. His answer to the divisiveness of the Obama years is no answer at all.

Emboldened is mine.

Biden argues if we just get rid of Trump, he can work with Republicans to get things done.  Like it was before Trump, or so his political message goes.  Additionally, Biden believes there are “good Republicans.”

“There’s an awful lot of really good Republicans out there,” he said Saturday at a Massachusetts fundraiser. “I get in trouble for saying that with Democrats, but the truth of the matter is, every time we ever got in trouble with our administration, remember who got sent up to Capitol Hill to fix it? Me. Because they know I respect the other team.”

Biden added that many conservatives are being “intimidated” to follow in lockstep with President Trump.

“They’re decent people. They ran because they care about things, but they’re intimidated right now,” he told the fundraiser’s attendees.

To be honest, I think that is a shitty political message. Also, I think it will be proven wrong because of what is happening now with this latest smear campaign against Joe Biden.  And if you don’t believe me, just look at what two Republican Senators are saying about Joe Biden and his son.

A pair of GOP chairmen are floating the idea of investigating former Vice President Joe Biden as Democratic calls grow for President Trump to be impeached over his communications with Ukraine's leader.

Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) both raised the possibility of an investigation into Biden after the White House released a record of a July 25 phone call that showed Trump asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into Biden…

“I've got some real legitimate questions about what happened with Vice President Biden, Hunter Biden, what was happening over there. … I have a lot of questions that should be answered,” Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, told reporters on Wednesday.

He said that it would be “completely appropriate” for the Senate to probe Biden…

Graham, a close ally of Trump's on Capitol Hill, has called for a probe into the Bidens amid reports that Trump and Giuliani urged Ukraine to investigate Biden.

He told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he thought without an investigation there would be a double standard against Trump, who was at the center of a two-year investigation into the 2016 election.

The prosecutor was looking at things in the Ukraine, and he got fired, and there’s all kind of allegations about the Ukraine dumping information into the legal system and political system in 2016 about [Paul] Manafort and others, you know, Hunter Biden, what kind of situation did he have financially?” Graham asked.

Joe Biden knows both Johnson and Graham.  He has known them for years.  And here they are doing Trump’s bidding and smearing him AND his SON.

They are attacking Biden’s surviving son.  

And there is another doofus Republican senator that Biden knows who is taking Trump’s side:  Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky:

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said: ‘‘Biden is the one who threatened Ukraine’s aid, not Trump, and that has to be investigated.’’

And Senator Rick Scott of Florida just wants to get the facts out…about Biden that is:

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), in particular, wanted to get to the facts.

“Let’s get all the facts out,” he said. “I think we ought to have the facts out about that. And we ought to get the facts out about what Biden has said… We don’t know exactly the facts. Let’s get the facts on both of those issues”

Asked to clarify if he felt Biden should be investigated by Congress, Scott replied, “I think we just get the facts out.”

Do any of you out there think that these are good Republicans?  

Then, there is that Southern Fried phoney Senator John Kennedy.  Biden doesn’t know him, and as reported earlier, Kennedy thinks there needs to be an investigation of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

And where are the other good Republicans?  I don’t see any of the ones who have known Joe Biden speaking up to say that this smear campaign was beyond the pale.  Where are they?  Oh, that is right.  They are “intimidated” by Trump.  I guess that makes their silence OK.

And from what I see on TV, the Senate Republicans had a meeting with Trump to coordinate their messaging on Trump’s extortion of Ukraine.  Any of those Senate Republicans not go to that meeting?  Or did any of them tell Trump to knock off the attacks on Hunter Biden?

We all know the answers to those questions.

Frankly, I believe that Biden’s political messaging will not survive Trump’s impeachment nor the heat of the 2020 Election.  If he wants to be the eventual nominee, Biden will have to resolve this disconnect between his nostalgia for the past and the present world we live in.  Otherwise, Biden’s “good Republicans” will tear him and his family to pieces.

NOTE:  I realize that some will think that this is a hit piece, and there will be charges made that I am aiding and abetting the enemy.  I am pointing out the flaws in Joe Biden’s political message.  He is not the only Democratic candidate who thinks that they can reach across the aisle and find partners to address the serious issues in our nation.  But there is a serious moral rot in the Republican Party that allowed Trump to obtain power.  Removing Trump will not return this country to normality or “break the fever.”  The current Republican Party is a disloyal political party that will never work with Democrats.

  • September 26, 2019