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Will The GOP Dare To Kick Trump Out? Ha.


Even the right is beginning to realize that Donald Trump is a fascist.

He also happens to be the GOP’s front runner for their primary by a considerable margin.

Will they dare kick him out, or will they embrace him, because in their race, he is not the only god-damned fascist in their primary field, just the most vocal and successful. He also happens to be the only one that they cannot control by threats of expulsion.

If they kick him out, he is more than likely to run anyway as he has had a taste of glory and will want oh so much more, his campaign is run on pure ego and narcissism.

The modern day ultra conservative Republican Party has flirted with fascism for a long time now, finally it has become obvious to even some of the MSM that what we have now is a real danger to our democracy.

Even if Donald Trump disappears up his own asshole; his borrowed ideas will not, and we have seen just how popular they have proven to be.  The GOP has moved into a position where these ideas have become part of who they are. Teabaggers, Birthers, Obama is a Muslim were just the start. Racism and sexism are deeply ingrained into the psyche and religious bigotry the norme. Moderate conservatives in the media and party have either fled or been beaten into submission. Trump is just one step on the road they have chosen voluntarily.

Republicans have refused to fight their baser instincts for so long now, the southern strategy for example, that I believe they are incapable of finding the road back from extremism. After all it has been part of their success story, embracing religious extremists in the Reagan era. The money thought it wise to embrace vile people as part of their base for the sole purpose of “winning”, now they are risking being eaten by their creation. Their monster is threatening the village and the village is waking up to the threat, too late in my opinion.

If not Trump, the next one in line will be Ted Cruz, if not the same damn thing, worse.

Kick Trump out, they lose

Keep Trump in, they lose

Serves them bloody right for all the vileness they have condoned and encouraged for so long; may they eat themselves.