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Will some reporter please ask the projector about his Mama and did he wish her caged or deported

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Let’s just let the whole bag of cats loose. 

This so called president thinks brown and black and every color but orange and white should be caged or deported upon entering the country.   He is a projector.   He projects everything, including this whole immigration problem.   

Did he wish his mother was caged and forced to be away from her siblings and the Mother of his own child treated the way his policy is treating those crossing the border looking for a better life?   

Did Mama have a sponsor?  No.  She just came over dirt poor and worked as a servant and how would he have felt to have had her thrown in a cage or deported the minute she stepped off the boat to America?   How about Melania?  She didn’t just get dropped here by the stork with a modeling job established, did she?

Did Melania’s  parents take up citizenship because they were the inlaws of a man in power and would the same set of circumstances apply to them when speaking of chained migration?     Speaking of anchor babies , according to the projector, which he does frequently, make  some of his siblings  also anchor babies?  Afterall his Mother was not a citizen until 1940.   Mama was not a citizen until 1940 when where the older siblings born?  Would being married to Fred Trump make a difference?

If these questions were posed to Trump, he would lose what little mind he has but there are facts to back up the questions that backs up the question.  ( If only some reporter had the guts to ask him face to face before his base)

Mary Anne Trump (née MacLeod, Scottish Gaelic: Màiri Anna NicLeòid; May 10, 1912 – August 7, 2000) was the mother of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, and the wife of real estate developer Fred Trump. Born in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, she immigrated to the United States in 1930 and became a naturalized citizen in 1942.[3] She raised five children with her husband and engaged in philanthropic activities in the New York area.[4]…

It is unclear if she became a citizen in 1940 or 1942 according to the family roots page.  His mother was 17 upon entering the US.

Mary and Donald Trump's father Fred Trump met in New York and married in 1936, settling together in Queens. Mary became a U.S. citizen in 1942…

 MacLeod lived with her older sister Christina Matheson on Long Island and worked as a domestic servant for at least four years.[3][8][9]One of these jobs appears to have been as a nanny for a well-to-do family in a New York suburb, but the position was eliminated due to economic difficulties caused by the Great Depression.[10] As one account has put it, she “started life in America as a dirt-poor servant escaping the even worse poverty of her native land.”[8] Having obtained a U.S. Re-entry Permit—only granted to immigrants intending to stay and gain citizenship[8][9]—she returned to Scotland on the SS Cameronia on September 12, 1934.[13] She was recorded as living in New York by April 1935 in the 1940 U.S

I do not think either should have been caged but I am not making policy.  I am not for anyone being caged for seeking a better life.  Someone should ask him about his own roots and marriages and 4 of 5 kids born here due to immigration policies of not caging people seeking a better life. 

There is already a diary up about Melania and her immigration questions, therefore I just wanted to focus on Donald Trump’s roots.  He sure was interested in Obama’s roots, let’s just see how that shoe fits on him, only these are documented facts and not racism or bigotry.

Inquiring caged minds probably want to know as some of us equal justice advocates would love this question asked to him.  It is a damn good debate question for him.

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