This may not be as crazy as it sounds. Republicans are boycotting mask wearing because of Trump. They are taking hydroxichloroquine because Trump told them to. If they think the elections are unfair they just may decided to own the libs by boycotting the election. They might proudly walk around town with a buttons that have a confederate flag and the words, “I did not vote in the phony election.” The New York Times will go to a diner in the heartland on November 3 and do interviews on how real ‘Mericans just are not going to vote in this election because it doesn’t represent them. It could become a mass movement. It will become X’non on four chan, that by not voting you are actually secretly voting because there will be patriots all around the country counting the people who do not go to vote and sending them to Putin so he can come and save Trump and restore American values. 

Meanwhile as Trump starts to slip further and further from even reaching 40% he is going to take out and dust off the “Stabbed in the Back” meme. How the Senate Republicans did not back him in delaying the election. Who is going to vote for somebody who betrayed their dear leader. Not me.

You know I wish I could say this was snark, but where we are right now is it really outside the realm of possibility?