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Will Having Political Power in the House Shift the Media Narrative With Regards False Equivalency?

I do not have the transcript, but I was listening to AM Joy this morning.  And she and her panel brought up the false equivalency the Media finds between Republican scandals and Democratic “scandals.” In other words, the Hillary Clinton emails.  

I think most here can agree that the Media obsession with the Clinton emails helped get Trump elected.  Yes, there were other factors involved with the travesty of Election 2016.  But that mofo James Comey in October…

And I agree with Joy and her panel that the Media has NOT given up on false equivalencies between Republicans and Democrats and not just on scandals.  As if on cue, we have TPM and Crooks and Liars reporting on one of my favorite Media shills — Chuck “Mr. Bothsiderist” Todd of MTP.  To wit:  why don’t you Democrats allow Republicans in the House the power of the subpeona?

Democrats are not the ones who are protecting Trump from scrutiny Mr. Bothsiderist.  And it wasn’t Democrats who went on fishing expeditions for years and years to purposely hurt prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton (ask Majority Leader McCarthy about that one Chuck).  I see no reason for Democrats to have “help” from Republicans on investigating Trump.

But there is Mr. Bothsiderist trying to equate newly empowered House Democrats to behave in some bipartisan fashion that has not existed for years.

I think of it as unilateral disarmament to obtain a feasting table in bipartisan paradise next to David Broder.

So we are off to a good start for Democrats in the House.  They will not share power with their Republican counterparts.  This may prove crucial in helping to shift the Media narrative that for every Republican scandal there must be a Democratic one.  And by all means, the Media needs to focus on the Democratic scandals.

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But will it continue to focus on Democratic “scandals” if the House digs out Trump’s finances for one.  There has to be a gold mine of corruption in Trump’s personal finances.  Why else hide them like they are stored in the Lost Ark of the Covenant?

The downside is that Trump will stall and prevaricate on coming forward to information on his personal and business dealings.  But I expect a judge somewhere will force Trump to release say his tax returns.  And what dirty secrets are in those tax returns?

To dissuade Media attention on the House Democrats, expect Trump to bring up several phony scandals for the Media to chew on.  But if House Democrats are smart, they will find a way to release their information in a timely fashion.  In other words, subpeona power can discover a treasure trove of Trump junk.

It will be interesting to see if the real power of House Democrats can compete with the dog and pony shows that Trump puts out.

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