I don’t much like John Bolton. I don’t like his politics, I don’t like his superior attitude, I don’t like his opinions, I don’t like his free abandon to send other peoples sons and daughters to war, and I don’t like that goddamn mustache, which mostly looks like something you’d use to clean out the bottom of the bird cage, which is why shit comes out of Bolton’s mouth every time he opens it. But all of that being said, if there’s one thing that I don’t think about John Bolton. And I don’t think that he’s a stupid man.

John Bolton had quite the weekend, didn’t he? On Saturday it leaked that he had sent a manuscript to the White House, in which he stated that His Lowness had personally told Bolton that not a penny of Ukraine aid would flow until Ukraine stated publicly the investigations into the Biden’s and Burisma. Which of course caused Traitor Tot to suddenly spit out a half a mouthful of Super Size fries, grease up his stubby twitter thumbs, and screech out his disdain for all things Bolton.

Quite a coup for John Bolton, eh? In one unfounded rumor, he not only forced a hysterical response from The $1 Store Caligula, he managed to reinsert his own name back into prominence in the national discussion of the Trump impeachment trial. Remember what I said, I don’t believe that John Bolton is a stupid man, and with this move, he is rapidly approaching brilliance, at least from a marketing standpoint.

People are missing the critical word here. In the article, it said that Bolton had sent a manuscript to the White House, with his explosive allegations. As a self published author, I know the difference. A manuscript is not rough musings. A manuscript is not a rough draft. A manuscript is a finished product! A manuscript is sent to a person quoted in, or the subject of a portion of the book, allowing them to read the content, and provide an explanation or rebuttal to the information contained in the manuscript. John Bolton’s book is fucking ready to go!

Which means that John Bolton wants to testify in front of the Senate the way an itchy dog wants a flea collar. John Bolton desperately wants to testify to the Senate, to lay out his explosive allegations, knowing that the Senate can question him only on the subject of the allegations in the two House articles of impeachment! Which means Trump’s Ukraine phone call, the extortion attempt, and his subsequent obstruction of congress. And then John Bolton can go on every cable network and Sunday news show in the country, and pitch his book, slyly referring to all of the really, really
juicy shit from his time in the White House that he didn’t testify to in the Senate trial. And it will work like a charm.

Donald Trump has spent his entire life promoting himself as the zen Master of branding. But in John Bolton, The Pampers President has finally met his match. John Bolton is going to do everything in his power to use Trump’s branding to push his own brand for his upcoming book. And it don’t get much slicker than that.

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