To be perfectly clear, there is only ONE party trying to throw out people’s votes. Democrats can play this game too—we could go to North Carolina and try to play games with people’s ballots—but we don’t. We never do. It’s undemocratic and frankly, un-American. 

But when has that stopped the GOP?


I can’t imagine throwing out someone’s vote because of an envelope or different colored ink, but here we are.

Yet I also can’t imagine trying to suppress someone’s vote, intimidate vote counters, making up wild conspiracy theories of why our candidates lost, or not certifying an election because I didn’t like the result. I also can’t imagine trying to threaten legislators of a state that didn’t vote for our party’s presidential candidate to select different electors to overturn the will of the people. 

Unfortunately, this is now going to be standard operating procedure from the GOP going forward.

Democrats have to win by a landslide in every election in order to take office, whereas Republicans don’t even have to win the popular vote.  Republicans leaders have shown that they are willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means throwing out legally-cast ballots in African-American areas. Others in their pathetic party are complicit and stay silent while our democracy is under attack. 

I can no longer consider voting for a Republican at any level for any election. They must be defeated overwhelmingly and consistently, or we might soon not have a democracy to fight for.  

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