Why not supporting massive minimum wage increases is the sanctioning of wage theft.

Not supporting the minimum wage is not just a difference in policy issues. It is a license for businesses to institute codified wage theft. It is that simple.

Government sanctioned wage theft

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I continue to marvel at how effective our economic system is in robbing workers of their work, intellect, and worth as the spoils are systematically transferred to the few. In the aggregate, if you are the chosen, the one who can be more in charge of monetizing your intellect and skills, the one who can amass capital, the sky is the limit. But that is only afforded for the few. And our caste system leads each caste to fight to maintain its position instead of all working for equity.

I have often said that our current economic system is a very well-developed antiseptic form of slavery. The most efficient slave is one who is unaware they are one. Our system has perfected the method at every turn.

A minimum wage that does not track inflation is a legally sanctioned theft, a transfer of wealth from the worker to the business, the owner of capital. Here is an example. Suppose one assumes an average inflation rate of 3%. Every year the costs of products and services increase by about 3%. You work for a baker making minimum wage. Both the baker and the worker have increase costs. The baker likely raises his prices by a few pennies. The only person not in control of their destiny is the minimum wage worker. That baker can make more profit because the only price he is not demanded to pay are the employee’s wage. That either becomes the baker’s profit or a gift of pricing-goodwill to his customers. But ultimately, the minimum wage worker loses economically.

Until we are honest about how corrosive our economic system is, income and wealth inequality will continue rising. It is a feature in every part of our economic system, from the stock market to corporate organization, patents, and many aspects of our economic system. I discuss these often on my program Politics Done Right.

Too often, we think it is the other person that is indoctrinated. We should realize that by design, we are indoctrinated by factions to maintain the status quo. It prevents us from keeping our eyes on the ball, that which is hitting us for real. America is not polarized. We are manipulated by a well-oiled system designed to work on autopilot.

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  • March 2, 2021