Why Kamala Harris won the 2020 vice presidential debate against a lying Mike Pence

Senator Kamala Harris won the 2020 Vice-Presidential debate over a lying Mike Pence. Mike Pence came across as very disingenuous.

Kamala Harris beats mansplaining sexist.

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Susan Page, the 2020 vice-presidential moderator, was biased as she showed reverence to a rule-breaking mansplaining vice-president. She was clearly sterner with Kamala Harris as opposed to vice-president Mike Pence.

Pence went much longer on every question that Susan Page asked him. Many times as he spoke way past his two minutes, she allowed him to go on.

Every so often, Senator Harris would be finishing up a sentence or paragraph at the two-minute mark, and Page would be stricter with her than she was with Pence. It was not hard to see at all.

There was one exchange where Susan Page offered Pence the opportunity out of cycle to respond to Senator Harris. She gave him one minute. Of course, he took more.

When Harris demanded equal treatment to respond to Pence's lie, Page gave her 30 seconds and attempted to hold her to that time. The bias was clear.

Based on CNN's polling, Senator Harris's performance was so good that above and beyond the moderator's bias, her poise, sincerity, and knowledge of the discussed issues took her over the top in the eyes of those who watched the debate.

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  • October 8, 2020