Why Is Trump Attacking Joy? She Mocked Him Last Night about “Being Desperate” and “Hot Beauty Tips.”

It’s a day that ends in Y so Trump is attacking a person of color, this time our beloved Joy Ann Reid. …


Why today?

Well, Mediaite has a theory.


“Reid guest-hosted on Friday night’s edition of All in with Chris Hayes, and while it’s anybody’s guess what exactly set Trump off, it;s a safe bet that something did. On Saturday morning, Trump asked “Who the hell is Joy-Ann Reid?”, then proceeded to evince extensive knowledge of Joy Reid.

In one segment, Reid reported on Trump’s remarks to the House Republican Retreat in Baltimore by saying that he sounded “like a desperate man” when he said that “Whether you like me not it makes no difference because our country will go to Hell if any of these people get in. It’ll go to Hell. You know, I was joking but I’m really not joking. You have no choice.”

And in a later segment, Reid viciously mocked that same speech, lampooning Trump’s “Mike Pounds” gaffe. and said Trump “went on to treat the gathered Republicans to some smoking hot beauty tips.”

The ”Red hot beauty tip” refers to the point in the speech when Trump said he looked good under incandescent lights.

As if.

Trump claiming he does not know who Joy is is simply laughable, she mocks him nearly every day.

I personally think calling him desperate is what really set him off.

I wish I could post the vid, but I can’t find it on Twitter or YouTube yet.

But you can watch at the Mediaite link above.

I’ll update when I find it.

  • September 14, 2019