It seems that every time the nutty right loses it is the “left” that “must do the healing” for the sake of the nation?

I notice no such qualms exist when the GOP wins as they enjoy rubbing our face in it. Yet, when the Democratic Party wins the GOP plays possum and everyone seems to say, but they are “good people” really and should be forgiven for their hatred. They are as usual sharpening their claws and waiting for the opportunity to do harm because after all progressives are the real danger. Many on the “left” agree with this, it is the progressives the must be stopped, and we must reach out to the GOP, cuz healin n’all etc……

Trump and his Klan are not going away any time soon and the hatred still festers. All that Trump did in the last 4 years was give this hatred a platform, it was always there. That is the real danger to our democracy.

In four years we should not be saying “but we were so nice, why do they hate us” yet again. Just wait until the uber-right wing SCOTUS starts having fun at our expense.

If the Democratic Party once again forgives the GOP for being “naughty boys” and gives them milk and cookies, they will turn around and bite the “Dems” hands off.

I say to anyone who thinks that they are going to change one iota


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