Why didn't Putin invade Ukraine while Trump was president? It sure ain't 'cause he was afraid of him

Donald Trump has already weighed in on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine’s Donbas region, and you’ll never guess what he said! You can find a quick summary here if you’re a big fan of incandescent treachery, but the gist is “Putin rules, Biden drools.” (Warning: Click on that link only if you want to listen to a former U.S. president openly root for a murderous despot at the expense of our own president and foreign ally.)

Of course, Trump also glommed onto the right’s favored explanation for why Putin decided to invade now instead of when Trump was president. According to Trump, this could have never happened during his presidency. In fact, he claims, it would have been “unthinkable.”

Well, ya know, that might actually be true, because Trump had reportedly decided to pull the U.S. out of NATO in his second term, and if he’d been successful, Putin would have had a veritable Old Country Buffet of former Soviet republics to choose from, and so he might have decided to stomp on Ukraine a bit later.

  • February 23, 2022