Why Didn't More Democrats Turn Out!

Now luckily for Democrats in general there is a primary at all, because you know, well it was all meant to be so inevitable.

“We” have been told time after time any challenger had no chance, “we” even have “Math” thrown in our collective faces to discourage any resistance to the coronation.

You know with the never ending drip of , its over, give up now, it’s surprising anyone bothered at all.

Then act as if more Republicans turning out and costing a race “we” were meant to win was one or both of the candidates fault for not being get out the voters was downright hilarious.

You cannot have it both ways.

Premature coronations, rather than saying bring it on are a turnoff in themselves.

Maybe next time rather than proclaiming it’s over before it started you encourage the importance of actually turning out to vote. It has been the DNC strategy for years and we have seen the results all too clearly in the mid-terms.

Democrats often shoot themselves in the foot and this was a classic case of so doing.