There is a video that is going around that illustrates the problem. She became a robot of fake news, lies, & complicit politicians.

Fake News, Lies, & complicit politicians are dangerous.

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  • Tiffany Cross nails it for those who do not recognize the insurrection that occurred at the Capitol recently. Their American dream was our nightmare. This is as American as apple pie.
  • The 60 Minutes interview between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Leslie Stahl exemplifies the mainstream media’s bias against Democrats.
  • Here is a message to Democrats from New York columnist Ezra Klein. Help people fast. And here is advice to Joe Manchin (D-WV), stand down. You will be held accountable.
  • Helen Lee Bouygues, founder and president of Reboot Foundation, discusses fake news and critical thinking. She ties fake news to the recent insurrection in Washington, DC.

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