While the Media is eulogizing Senator John McCain for having principles, there is this noted puzzlement from the same talking heads about Senator Lindsey Graham throwing his little buddy Attorney General Jeff Sessions under the bus and backing it up over him.  It was not that long ago that Graham said there would be “Holy Hell” if Trump fired Sessions.  One apology for Graham’s abadonment of Sessions is that he “hopes to influence Trump” with his obsequiousness, even as he claims that Trump’s behavior toward McCain “pisses him off to no end.”

But then Graham goes and says the following:

“The way he’s handled the passing of John is just, was disturbing,” Graham said about Trump on CBS. “We finally got it right. … I am not going to give up on the idea of working with this president. The best way I can honor John McCain is help my country.”

So working with Trump is helping the country.  Trump wants to fire Sessions to stop the Russia investigation.  The Russians interfered with the election and have Trump by his balls, but helping Trump stop the investigation HELPS the country?

And the talking heads are mystified by Graham’s conduct.  No one wants to wander out there and say the obvious:  Graham is more concerned about power and an eventual financial payoff than about the country.

Most politicians now view serving in Congress as a stepping stone to wealth, and one way to obtain wealth is become a former congressman then be hired as a corporate lobbyist and be on several corporate boards.  The corruption in D.C. is rampant, and according to Open Secrets, there are at least 430 former members of Congress who are working as lobbyists.  Five more and they have a full Congress.  There are at least 77 former senators who work as lobbyists, and this is a bipartisan problem.

Given the sheer number of former members who now work for major corporations, I think it is a safe bet that Graham is angling for a similar position when he finally retires from the Senate.  And if you want to get the really good gigs, I bet you have to be a “good little Republican.”  This means supporting whatever Trump wants to be done.

Or Graham could end up at some big law firm like his surviving BFF Joe Lieberman at Kazowitz Benson Torres LLP.  The same law firm that has represented Donald Trump.  And I hear the partners in that firm make several million dollars profit per year.

Not a bad payoff for sucking up to Donald Trump, as long as you don’t care about your eventual reputation.

Unfortunately, it seems to escape the imagination of the talking heads that Graham wants either 1) a job with the Trump Administration or 2) the eventual financial wealth accumulation afterlife in Congress.  Power or money.  Amazing to see what anyone will do for those.

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