Unlike the apparent belief of the President’s personal physician Dr. Sean Conley, looking backward is sometimes instructive. The medical profession literally relies on the scientific actions of its pass. Before even having a tooth pulled, the doctor looks back at your medical history. Dr. Conley's statements were worse than ignorant they are a part of aiding and abetting. The citizens of the United States and even more intimately a cadre of support staff, including housekeepers, butlers, maids, and cooks are risking their frontline lives because as Dr. Conley says, I don't want to go backwards.

Obviously heaving, and gasping for breath the President—fresh out of the hospital, entered the White House Monday night maskless, to an admittedly frightened staff of onlookers. Media, even the liberal variety, is posturing the idea that the President’s subsequent erraticism is due to steroids. If that were true, his steroid use must have begun January 20, 2017. He imagined a crowd of Inauguration revelers larger than any seen before; was that Dexamethasone? When he imagined 3,000,000 illegal voters hidden in the trees and burrows of California, whom he blamed for his popular vote loss to Hillary Clinton; was he injecting Remdesivir? When he dispatched his henchmen or henchwoman, Kellyanne Conway to confirm his notion that Barack Obama may have bugged his microwave; was he drunk off a Regeneron cocktail or power?

The media was also slow to label Mr. Trump a liar, despite countless fact-checkers, newspapers, and periodicals confirming his penchant for lies in running daily tallies. The mere fact that it is a daily tally is informative in itself.  The descriptive language I have added to my vocabulary has raised my internal thesaurus ten points, at least.  Phrases like ‘unfamiliarity with the facts’ and my favorite, ‘a passing acquaintance with the truth’ can only be matched by Mr. Trump’s famous wording in his ghostwritten book Art of the Deal, truthful hyperbole. Yes, truthful hyperbole—even Donald Trump admits he is a liar.

So, the speculation that Donald Trump’s ruining of America and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of her citizens is mitigated by illness is inexcusable and absurd. Over and over, the press, progressive pundits, and even the Democratic ticket [Biden-Harris] begin each sentence with some turn of a phrase like, first let me wish the President and his family good health.  I do it myself and mean it. Decent people express thoughts for the sick sincerely, even for that boss that puts a file on our desk 15 minutes before we clock out.  We still curse under our breaths because his or her being a dip, does not change.

Not long ago on podiums across America, the media would play a loop of Mr. Trump feigning illness and wobbling in front of raving rally crowds chanting lock her up. During those carnival sideshows, Mr. Trump would go into a spasm like dance to ridicule a reporter, suffering from a congenital condition, arthrogryposis, who dared not kiss his ample backside. These are old stories but words and actions are precursors to more serious issues.  Yesterday, the FBI foiled a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. To date, 13 members of a terrorist gang have been charged in the plot. Early reports are that the plot was launched in response to Mr. Trump’s dispute with Governor Whitmer when she rebuffed his [Trump] calls to Liberate Michigan from Covid-19 restrictions. How many more continue to stand back and stand by; awaiting orders?  

Vote in 2020 for Change—and your lives.      

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