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Why are these people not being jailed? I guess they ARE ABOVE THE LAW.


I have a question.  How in the world if we live in a democracy, and there are laws that are supposed to apply to everyone but this bunch in office just ignores that fact. How can they get away with this?   Every subpoena will be ignored.

Face it Congressman Schiff.  THEY ARE NOT GOING TO cooperate with the impeachment inquiry.  They are not going to hand off documents even under subpoena.  They are not going to appear before the committee.  Republicans think one branch of the government has no power. This is against the constitution…PERIOD.

 2018 did not matter if we don’t make some criminals out of this above the law attitude.  It won’t take but about three locked up to send a message.

Every person who feels they have been treated by the law as being unfair and had to comply with subpoenas need to sue the hell out of the United States in a class action lawsuit under equal protection.   Some folks need to go to jail.  If Republicans are above the law.  WE HAVE NO LAW.

Nixon was Mary Poppins compared to this lawless Go to Hell in your face to our congressional majority.   Please Speaker Pelosi, send the Sargeant of Arms to pick them up.  ( I don’t even know if the subpoena power will allow a perp walk to jail).

This is Bullshit and those idiot cowards are supposed to be representing all of their districts.  This is happening on our dime.  Money we could use to do something other than help them break the law.  2018 never happened.  It was an illusion just like 2020 will be.   THEY will do as they please and that could mean ANYTHING.

Democratic Congress…MY title says They Are above the law.  Prove me wrong.  Do something about this in your face F U.