Whoops! Florida charity event featuring Melania Trump is canceled by state regulators

Melania Trump’s flailing attempts to do good in the world—presumably to fulfill the bare minimum requirements of being a (former) first lady—have always felt a little insincere. While in the White House, she launched a much-ridiculed anti-bullying campaign clumsily dubbed “Be Best,” even though by far her most effective anti-bullying tactic would have been tossing Filet O’ Fishes at her husband’s head 24/7, like he was a SeaWorld dolphin. That would have cut down on bullying in this country by about 90%, guaranteed.

But while the anti-bullying campaign was a clear public relations flop, the third Mrs. Trump’s performative do-gooding continues unabated. Or, rather, it continues. One might say “haltingly.” That’s because, as a Trump, she seems constitutionally incapable of doing anything like a normal human being—particularly when it comes to charity.

And now, of course, Trump’s latest charitable venture has gone in the ditch—because of incompetence, or shadiness, or perhaps some other signature Trumpian quality.

  • March 4, 2022