Who would do it for as much as the withheld Ukraine aid? George Lopez does Ted Nugent no favors

Apparently, Trumpist-bots are trying to be angry about an online message that resembles a stock line in comedian George Lopez’s stage routine about performing a task for less compensation because he’s Latinx.

The backdrop for this is the 30-round AR-15 magazine emblazoned with an imprisoned Hillary flaunted by Donald Trump Junior. The online trends went to citing counter-examples and the discourse deteriorates from there.

George Lopez trended on Twitter Monday morning after commenting on an Instagram account that he would kill President Trump to secure a bounty mentioned during a eulogy at Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani’s funeral over the weekend.

News of the $80 million bounty — which hasn’t been confirmed as actually being sanctioned by the regime and instead was a comment from someone speaking at the funeral — was posted uncritically as fact to an Instagram account Sunday.

Lopez commented, “We’ll do it for half.”

Along with his name, “arrest George Lopez” was soon trending on Twitter as right-wing pundits attacked him for the comment. Turning Points USA founder and president Charlie Kirk tweeted that the comment was “sick” and worth an investigation from the Secret Service. LifeZette TV’s Wayne Dupree, too, asked the Secret Service to get involved. He called Lopez a “violent lunatic” who should be arrested. Mark Levin simply called him a “lowlife.”


White House with Sarah Palin, Ted Nugget and Trump


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