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Who will arise as the leader of human rights? We have a blueprint, We need a builder.

What individual will walk the walk  and inspire with hundreds of thousands following in a movement to restore this country to some sort of civility?  I am not talking politics as I feel the leader can lead many into soul convicting heroism and change.   This is the change we need.  Beauty, Love and Justice.  Struggling for justice will not be easy.   YOU and I have an obligation for a more perfect union.

Don’t wait on Mueller.  Don’t wait on Pelosi.  Don’t wait on your congressional reps as they are not leading in the way we have to go.  Don’t wait on your presidential candidate.  WE THE PEOPLE.  It is up to you, and you , and me.  They are representatives but not part of a movement and a movement it will take.  

Listen carefully to the Blueprint laid out by one if not the greatest leader this country ever witnessed and he was hated.  

We have never really been a moral nation.  We did however have unbelievable leaders to inspire and motivate people to get off their butts and make a difference, willing to go to jail, stand tall, take abuse and keep standing.  

Martin Luther King was such a leader.   He is dead but his spirit and history should lead us.   John Lewis was an advocate for change and he is around but like many of us, pretty old.  I could name several, but I won’t.  Heroes know who they are.

One of the problems is that we have soooo many issues and are scattered trying to focus on too many wrongs.  Women do not have equal pay. We have climate change denial,  Minorities are in cages, children have been abused, migrant and non migrant.  Minorities are targeted and abused.   The rich and powerful are taking away everyday freedoms and the constitution is being shredded down to all but the 2nd amendment. ( The part of providing for the general welfare has been stripped away from the 2nd.)

Who has the courage?  Who has the passion?  Who is willing to do this?  WHO?  There has to be one person with a following out there get out in front of every camera, social media, every platform and focus on one thing at this point and other things of improvement will fall into place with enough outcry.  THE ABUSE OF CHILDREN ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY FROM THE RICH AND POWERFUL.   This is the bullhorn that needs to be raised and screamed from the mountaintops.   Someone willing to lead this country into some sort of sanity.  I don’t see it in congress.  So far, I have not seen it as a movement from any presidential candidate.  This is not political.  It should not be political.  It should be about Human respect, dignity, caring and protection.

Build it and they will follow.  Who is that leader?  If you are reading this and you are disgusted of the rapes, coverups, torture of children and young enough to lead a movement and willing to go to jail, spat upon, death threats, and possible death for doing what is right, then you are the Pied Piper to lead us out of this horrible place people with conscience  lose sleep over.  It can’t be Burn Baby Burn but Build Baby Build.  Over come.  COMMITMENT.  Dark yesterdays and today can be overcome.  It will take everyone of us but we need a leader because there are leaders because followers are awaiting.

Here is the Blueprint ..We need the Architect to construct the movement.

Humanity First.   This is not just about racial equality but the right to life, liberty and justice.    This is a calling for someone out there.  We seek.  We need and we will arise victoriously with some human dignity but rise with nobility and stop hiding in bottles, dopes, depression, cell phones and bubbles.   ARISE.

As Dr. King said, Run to the cause and if you can’t run, walk, and if you can’t walk, crawl”.

There is no time for sitting.  People are dying and will continue to die and most without ever the chance to live as they sit in cages, stinking, scratching from scabies, hungry and raped.  Is this the new America?   DO SOMETHING.

Oh, and by the way, there were more than 42 percent standing in his way with threats.  He WAS not afraid.

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