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Who supports Impeachment Inquiry NOW?

There is no question that impeachment proceeding are imperative right now..BEFORE the August break.

We have all the evidence we need.  We have Trump out there crowing and tweeting everyday.  We have the Muller report and Mueller’s testimony.  The party of Reagan is dead.  The party of Eisenhower is dead.  The party of John McCain is dead.   The constitution is on life support.

Courts take time.  In the meantime, the dems waver on what is right and what is wrong.   It is wrong to allow this administration to continue abusing, and it is time to stop the new normal from taking any more root.

I do not trust 2020 when we continue to have election interference.     I have seen some comments on here and feel the time is closing in on impeachment hearing whether he is removed or not.   Our 2018 elections came through with hands raised to uphold the constitution.   We are not doing that.  We have a duty to uphold the constitution and try to preserve what millions have died for.  

Court, subpoenas, and stalling but courts take time and people do not show up for oversight.  GOP blocked election security bills.  What the hell, after the testimony of Robert Mueller?  Face it people our side is dragging their heels thinking it is 1990.

I want to know because our very country is at stake.  Has Trump dumbed down the public this much, and created apathetic citizens or just spineless people who don’t like to make waves and confrontation.   Does leadership actually think they can gain respect by playing nice?   If that is the case then Trump is not the only one delusional.  Donald J Trump and the corrupt party of Trump needs to be taken to task.  Will leadership start impeachment hearings and at least give us a chance at 2020 or will nuance take us down ?   Do we literally have to take to the streets?


I want the temperature taken here on this site that  DOES have imput with the party.  Daily Kos does have input.


— FreeSpeechForPeople (@FSFP) July 24, 2019

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