Who Knew™

Wannabe Fascists do what wannabe fascists do.

I am not surprised at what the ToP [Trump’s own Party] is trying to do, not in the least.

I am surprised they haven’t tried to claim that those who did not vote are all republicans and only didn’t vote because of Poll Suppression and declare their “no votes” valid votes for the ToP.

This transition period promises much in terms of absolute chaos and I swear I won’t be surprised by anything the ToP does, but I’ll make sure to buckle up.

Listening to Joseph Manchin this morning I really hold no hope for the next for years, he will block any progressive policy he can, no matter what the results are in Georgia.

All I hope for is a modicum of good governance and a return to reality over the next four years.

Maybe it’s enough that the US rejoins the international community, I do hope so.

I am already worried by the thought of what could happen in two years’ time.