White racist swings at kamona young, a black woman, pushes attorney lee merritt

#RacistAttacksProtesters #MarvinScottIII #JusticeForMarvin During a peaceful protest and demonstration at the intersection between the cities of Plano and Frisco in North Texas, a racist white man runs up screaming, cursing and swinging at Kamona Young, a black woman and others as we blocked traffic.

We block traffic for Marvin Scott III. Marvin was a 26 year old black man who live in Frisco. Marvin was apart of our own community. He was arrested by the Allen Police and MURDERED by 6/8 mostly white Collin County Detention Officers at the Collin County Jail in McKinney. It has been 50 days since Marvin’s murder and just last week his family got to see the video of how he died for the first time, after 45 days of wondering and standing outside the jail demanding answers. On that same day the Coroner officially released the autopsy confirming his death ruled a HOMICIDE and shoutout to the Dallas Morning News for leaking the names of the fired officers. STILL NO ARRESTS. One officer even got his job back after an appeal.

This agitator who likes swinging at and hitting women, is then seen screaming in an officer’s face and physically pushing Attorney Lee Merritt. You may say, “you can’t say he’s racists” … but I can. I was in his face with my camera just as much as anyone else and he didn’t swing at me. THE PROBLEM IN AMERICA WE ARE FACING ON BOTH SIDES… *** Notice he only swings, pushes and balls up his fists to black protesters. *** *** As my friend Elizabeth Michel said, “Notice roid guy is ready to punch. Cop is trying to calm him. [Cop’s] Hands nowhere near his gun or taser. Guess what happens if this guy was a different skin tone…” *** Do you know this man? More importantly, do you know Marvin’s story?

  • May 10, 2021