Hey, we all pretty much knew Donald Trump spends his days watching the teevee, tweeting gauche non sequiturs, and endlessly funneling beef and carbs into his tender baby-robin maw.

But to have it confirmed via a White House leak? Yeah, how many times is this kind of thing going to happen before people realize we have a serious problem? Does “Help Me” need to spontaneously appear on Mick Mulvaney’s stomach like with Linda Blair in The Exorcist?

Axios, following up on its bombshell scoop from Sunday:

The massive leak of President Trump's private schedules, which dropped yesterday in the weekly Axios Sneak Peek newsletter, set off internal finger-pointing and speculation more fevered than any since the New York Times' anonymous op-ed.

The big picture: White House insiders said the leak sowed chaos. Cliff Sims, the former White House official who wrote the dishy “Team of Vipers,” told me: “There are leaks, and then there are leaks. If most are involuntary manslaughter, this was premeditated murder. People inside are genuinely scared.”

And Maggie Haberman chimes in with the, well, obvious take:

  • The N.Y. Times' Maggie Haberman tweeted: “A White House aide is weaponizing his schedules, which says a lot about how people in the White House feel about the man they work for.”

Well, why should they be any different than anyone else who wants to live past Tuesday, Maggie?


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