Seems that Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and the Kentucky State Police earned the ire of Jeremiah “Protect Going To Church During a Pandemic” Wooley.  Seems that Wooley made threats about killing Gov. Beshear and Kentucky State Troopers.  And it appears those threats were not idle.

CNN)A 25-year-old man is facing federal charges for possession of an unregistered firearm after state authorities discovered numerous weapons in his home while investigating threats he made online, according to a news release from US Attorney's Office in the Western District of Kentucky.

Kentucky State Police began investigating in late April after Jeremiah Wooley posted threatening comments against the state's governor and state troopers on Facebook using a pseudonym, according to an affidavit filed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as part of a criminal complaint filed Tuesday.
Wooley made the comments under a video titled “Kentucky Governor sends State Troopers to Church to Enforce Social Distancing,” the complaint says.
One of those comments, included “When would it be acceptable to go and kill this guy,” while another mentioned “people getting arrested for doing drive through communion yet a drive through at McDonald's can still operate,” according to the affidavit….
Wooley was found with two handguns on him when officers went to arrest him, according to the complaint. During a search of his home, state authorities discovered 12 weapons, including assault style firearms, shotguns and rifles, according to the ATF affidavit. Also confiscated was a .50 caliber rifle.
They also found 50 hand grenades, only one of which was operable, with all of the materials necessary to assemble a grenade, as well as explosive powder.
Wooley says that those explosives where just “fireworks.”
Little note to Wooley:  NO ONE WAS ARRESTED WHO HAS ATTENDED A CHURCH SERVICE IN KENTUCKY.  You can have drive in services.  And for those who continue to violate the shelter in place order by attending an church not practicing social distancing, they only got a notice from the Public Health Department that they needed to quaranine themselves for 14 days.  That bastard who runs the Maryville Baptist Church has not been arrested, even though he should be!

Some of those guns were in arms reach of children, an arrest report said. There were three children at home during the arrest, ages 5, 7 and 10.

Authorities also said they found 50 pineapple-style grenades in a bucket. Almost all were novelty items, but one of them had the hull-hole welded shut, and boxes in the same room contained all of the necessary components to complete and assemble the grenade, including black powder, time fuses, electric matches ammunition primers, and grenade spoons, safety pins, and spring cock strikers.

Oh, and McCraken County where this asshole lives has a high number of coronavirus infections — at least 65 in the small rural county — and is right next to another county that is a hotspot.  Yes, rural America.

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