White Anti-Mask Driver Flees, Hits Cop ‘Hanging’ From Truck w/Hammer in Minnesota, And Isn’t Shot

If there is any doubt that police will go out of the way not to shoot a violent white man yet is trigger happy with POCs, this is.

Violent anti-masker white man not shot by a cop?

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I hear about this story from Shaun King’s Instagram. Shaun wrote the following difficult words.

This was yesterday. And in MINNESOTA of all places. ⁣And yes thus is real. ⁣⁣This white man refused to wear a mask at a grocery store. He then assaulted an employee. Got in his truck, with police hanging on, HIT THE OFFICER IN THE FACE WITH A HAMMER, and sped off. ⁣Again, I’m not begging for this white man to be killed, but either you kill him and kill Black people or don’t kill him and don’t kill Black people. ⁣

Because what we have right now is them not killing him, and killing Black people who don’t do ANYTHING like this. ⁣In fact, me and @leemerrittesq had a case kind of like this with a Black man. Of course they killed him.

Now compare this to Philando Castile in Minnesota. Or Daunte Wright in Minnesota. ⁣Again, people are being asked to accept too much injustice ⁣Again, this IS NOT ABOUT TRAINING. They know how to avoid violence. But they just choose to use those skills with white people. ⁣

I played this on the Politics Done Right show today. I have an audience from various ideological viewpoints. It was disconcerting that after Philando Castile, Daunte Wright, and George Floyd, all murdered by Minnesota police, they could not empathize, that they could not see that POCs get completely different treatment from police. Police see them as less than human and to be hunted when they can get away with it.

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  • April 16, 2021