Whistle-Blower complaint available: Barr and Giuliani implicated, it's more than the 25 July call



The whistle-blower complaint is now available. The allegation is deemed credible and urgent.

Apparently there was a conspiracy to withhold allocated foreign aid to coerce a foreign power to pursue an investigation of a US citizen by that foreign power in order to advance a partisan political agenda. There was an attempt to thwart record-keeping of that activity.

“Play Ball”

WH lawyers instructed staff to delete the electronic transcript of “the call” from the WH computer system (this was not the first time such data has been deleted)

Multiple officials knew of this activity and it occurred over a series of events.

The underlying story has a basis in the shift in Ukraine leadership.



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1. The July 25 phone call: Multiple White House officials told the whistleblower that they were “deeply disturbed” by what transpired in the phone call 

2. White House lawyers directed officials to load the electronic transcript of the call onto a separate system that is generally used to handle classified information, despite there being no national security-sensitive material on the phone call. 
3. Ongoing concerns: A day after the call, the whistleblower said that U.S. envoy to Ukraine and U.S. Ambassador to the EU met with Ukrainian officials and provided advice on how to “navigate” Trump' s demands. Rudy Giuliani also followed up on the call.
4. Circumstances leading up to the phone call: The whistleblower details how Ukraine's Prosecutor General made a series of corruption allegations against U.S. officials, including Joe Biden.

Worth noting: The whistleblower didn't directly witness the events, but said the witness accounts were accurate “because, in almost all cases, multiple officials recounted fact patterns that were consistent with one another.”

  • October 12, 2019
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