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Whether You Like Him Or Hate Him, Bernie Sanders Was Right About The Media and Insurers.

The number of dishonest players in the healthcare debate is really depressing, especially for someone like myself who is unemployed and without any health insurance.  And although he is not my first choice, Senator Bernie Sanders was absolutely correct on the corruption surrounding the health care issue, especially to how complicit the Media is in disinformation on this issue.

I had a sinking feeling that at least one of the moderators in tonight’s debate would attack Medicare for All with the infamous, “How are you going to pay for this?” question.  Sure enough, George Stephanopoulos wanted to get Sanders and Warren to admit that middle class taxes will go up.  And as both candidates pointed out, total costs for Americans will go DOWN with Medicare for All.  Stephanopoulos was doing his corporate master’s bidding by trying to kill Medicare for All with a Republican talking point.  Thank God Sanders and Warren are sticking to their guns on this.

Note:  Republicans NEVER get asked the question of how are you going to pay for all those tax cuts and wars they initiate.  It’s only Democrats who propose some government spending that get asked about costs.


And the way Stephanopoulos phrased the qeustion, he wanted Warren and Sanders on the receiving end of the criticism.  No real follow up to any of Biden’s bogus claims.  Let’s just let him attack Warren and Sanders with no fact checking, especially when Biden was spewing Republican talking points.

But the fun didn’t end there.  I had the misfortune to tune into Brian Williams for the analysis of tonight’s debate.  It was as bad as I imagined it would be.  

First up, Tweety Bird was clutching Amy Klobuchar as a centrist comforter against those “hard edged ideologues Warren and Sanders.”  Besides being scared and screaming, “I did!  I did see Medicare for All!”, Tweety Bird rolled his eyes at Beto for wanting to confiscate assault rifles.  

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It was too much for poor old Tweety.

But back to how complicit the Media is on the health care “debate.”  According to that font of wisdom, the FORMER Senator Claire McCaskill, tonight’s debate on healthcare showed the lines of demarction between those who want the government to force people to give up their health insurance and those who want to have the people to have choices!

I have no health insurance.  Therefore, I have no choices you %$#*(!& B)_+@!  The best health insurance I ever had was when I was on Medicaid.  And I got that through the ACA.  Previous health insurance plans told me what doctors I could see and what medical treatment I could get, along with all those copays, premiums, and deductibles.  And that was if my previous employers didn’t change the plans the next year and place us in a new HMO.

So what about all those choices?  I don’t recall having any.

I got curious why the FAILED Senator from MO was so adamant in her beliefs about our present health care system.  Turns out that Claire McCaskill raised $4 million dollars in campaign contributions from the financial industry, whichthe  private health insurance is a part of.  None of this is disclosed to the viewers on MNSBC, which is where she now works.

Needless to say, this information did not make me a happy camper.

The Media is interested in basically keeping the status quo on health care, even though they regularly get reports about rising premiums and deductibles from their viewers. 

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