The NRA waited one entire week before issuing a statement about the Newtown, Connecticut massacre that left 26 people dead. When they did break silence, they once again broke a nation's heart.

The murmurs of disbelief coming from the press were audible as Wayne LaPierre stood in front of them and for over twenty minutes blustered and raged about how mentally ill people should be treated as criminals and it's completely irresponsible that red-blooded Americans who don't own guns still exist. The second amendment fetish freaks have clung to their AK's lovingly and screeched that it's the fault of people who don't have guns that people with guns are killing them, or as one firearm felating freak in Idaho said to me the day Seung-Hui Cho dropped 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007: “An armed society is a polite society.”

Because owning a gun isn't bad, but being mentally ill is. Yes, Wayne LaPierre stood in front of the nation and demanded mentally ill people be forced onto a national registry and treat them like criminals needing constant surveillance. Did you go on Prozac after your divorce? You have to register! Are you on Abilify to treat depression? You have to register!

Do you own assault weapons? Good job citizen, you're free to go.

The purpose of the NRA has been and will always be to promote the sale of more guns. Washington lobbyists are singular in their purpose and predictably address every problem must be handled by using more of the thing causing the problem. Of course Wayne LaPierre insisted Americans need to buy more guns, his organization is bankrolled by corporations that sell guns.

People who insist on inflicting more suffering on other people so they can selfishly reap the benefits have a mental illness called Antisocial Personality Disorder by the way. We commonly call them Sociopaths. Sociopaths have no remorse for the pain they cause others and will take advantage of a person's suffering to coerce them into doing the damaging behavior again, because it fulfills the sociopath's personal wants.

So the NRA's answer to small children being shot up in a school by a person we're not sure was or was not mentally ill is to put more guns in our schools so more people can potentially end up killed.

If this national registry of mentally ill people ever does happen, Wayne LaPierre needs to be the first person listed on it.

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