In May of 1996, my middle son graduated high school. I had been hospitalized the Tuesday before his ceremony, because of a hereditary bleeding disorder, I have suffered from since age 34. I was due to be released from the hospital on Thursday the day before his graduation but I developed a low-grade fever. My doctor did not feel I was contagious or would be in any danger but out of an abundance of caution, despite my pleas to leave for my son’s big day, he said no. I missed one of the biggest days of my son’s life, something I regret to this day. I wore a mask in the hospital that Thursday, for protection.

This weekend following an admitted collective lie by the President’s care team, headed by Dr. Sean Conley, the President exposed his security team, and members of his staff to the possibility of a deadly disease, for vanity. Mr. Trump’s need for attention and his insecurity led him to temporarily leave the hospital to take a joy ride and give kingly waves to his admiring fans.  The presidential limousine, known as The Beast, is hermetically sealed to guard against chemical attack. That means nothing gets in and in this case, more importantly for his escorts and drivers, nothing gets out, including a deadly contagion. Whether the President’s adoring fans believe he is Superman, Batman, or the Orange Lantern, what he is, is a walking weapon of death.  

Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, co-workers, frontline workers, and their patrons have passed the virus between them and a lot have died. Sometimes before or after the parade of liars fed us, misinformation, and purposeful misdirection the President released a video statement declaring. “ I get it.”  I guess that was his admission that this is not a “hoax” as he has said many times before. Of course, his self-centered attitude not only exposed his egotism but the people tasked with protecting him.

Republicans point to the uncertainty of when the country can fully open as the reasons for mental health disorders, domestic violence, and the rise in nationwide anxiety. I submit that America is not suffering from COVID anxiety, but the CO-vidiots.

The repeated breaking news banners scrolling across tv screens with pictures of racial unrest and public executions, fistfights in grocers, and 7-Eleven stores, because Trump supporters are not freely permitted to make us all members of his death cult; tax fraud, Impeachment, a Trump Supreme Court Justice, accused of rape, the corruption of the Attorney General, and accusation of rape by E. Jean Carroll against the President, caging children,  alleged hysterectomies performed on unwitting immigrant women; if this reads like a run-on sentence, that is because this presidency has been a running abomination. The good news is that in less than 30 days we can elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have a plan for not only the nation's recovery but its sanity.  

This is a binary choice America, between Trump, who one week ago mocked the simplest of scientific safety measures, wearing a mask, against Joe Biden who oversaw two pandemics, the Swine flu, and Ebola and was infinitely more successful. 200,000 deaths, and counting, are not worth a tax cut for the rich or maintaining privilege.

Vote in 2020 for Change—and your lives.            

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