Because the Republicans are of course responsible for nothing — BROCRFN

It’s sort of like one of those Ameritrade commercials.

Okay, you have one hundred dollars. You want to buy something for ninety-five dollars.  Explain to me how I can force you not to buy it.

Of course journalist can’t.  They will instead  inevitably ignore the question and say in their most savvy tone,

But there are Republicans who won’t vote for raising the debt ceiling no matter what.

So you have promised yourself you will save twenty-five dollars. You know I have twenty dollars I can lend you, but we really don’t have any history of trusting or even liking you. Explain to me why I should give you that twenty dollars so you can save your own twenty-five dollars.

Journalists: To keep the government open (they won’t do the dollar thing). Closing the government will cause a lot of pain.

Yes, but if I just give you the twenty dollars you will be back with your hand out expecting me to give you twenty dollars next time and don’t ever fix your problem, which is learning to live within your means (only makes surface sense but a little bit of political ju jitsu there). Wouldn’t it be better if I extracted a price from you. Interest. We live in a capitalist society after all. 

Journalist: so what would that interest be?

Well in this case DACA and CHIP and maybe a few other things.

Journalist: Well what is the Republicans don’t want to pay.