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When did Trump know of his Covid exposure? More attention should be paid to this Rose Garden event.

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Trump, his administration, and his doctors have been publicly unwilling, and contradictory, about identifying when Trump first learned — even if by a preliminary test — that he was, or potentially was, Covid positive.  The most obvious tell here is that the Trump people refuse to answer when Trump last tested negative for Covid.  Some have argued that this is because Trump actually isn't tested regularly, but it also could be that he is tested regularly and the last negative test came back a while ago, with more recent, undisclosed positive Covid test(s) thereafter.

As to this important inquiry, more attention should be paid to the below video of Trump holding a Rose Garden press event on Monday, September 28 – the day before his debate with Biden and during the same week that Hope Hicks and then President Trump were forced to disclose that they had the Coronavirus.  

So, what is so interesting?  Look at the video below (have to scroll  to about the 20:50 mark) — this is the first time ever that the Trump administration employed serious social distancing — and it was designed entirely to keep everyone from Trump, and not from each other.  For the first time, Trump had his own podium, and everyone else shared a different podium.  And we are not talking about something presentational, or some perfunctory 6-8 distancing.  Everyone is kept yards away from the President, and (this is no small consideration) far enough to be outside the camera shot of Trump.  Give it a look:

Let’s be clear: who was kept drastically away from Trump on this Monday?  If you watch, it is the Vice President, a military general, an administration health official. 

Why for the first time?  This remains unexplained and, to me, it is highly dubious to say that this sudden distancing, the same week the Trump Covid infections came tumbling out, is a mere “coincidence.”  Remember, there is no evidence that the Trump folks intended to disclose these Covid episodes; it only became public when a Bloomberg reporter forced the administration’s hand.  

And I want to be clear about what I am suggesting.  Since all of this, the White House started to push the notion that Trump was not tested daily, or all too regularly,  As another Kos post noted, the NYT reports:

Two officials maintained that Mr. Trump had been tested before the presidential debate, but the White House has yet to affirm that.

White House officials conceded on Tuesday that there had been an impression created that Mr. Trump was getting tested every day, and a reliance on testing as if it were a curative measure as opposed to a diagnostic.

Yet the president himself was not tested every day, according to two people familiar with the practices. A senior administration official would only say on Tuesday that Mr. Trump was tested “regularly.” Mr. Trump himself told reporters in the White House briefing room in July that “I do take probably on average a test every two days, three days.”

Note what this says: President Trump had been tested before the Biden debate and this Rose Garden appearance, but no representation that such tests whether or not the tests were positive.  Instead, the thrust of the WH comments is designed to say the timing of tests is all random and even unknowable, and this not an area to pursue — when it should be the most plainly documented thing.  

As I explain this, it sounds complicated.  When did Trump last receive a negative Covid test?  Why did the WH for the first time on that Monday keep Trump away from every speaker?

So, what do you think?   Is everything shown above a mere coincidence?  I don’t think so.

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