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When can we admit our president has dementia? He just declared the Moon is part of Mars.

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I can’t wait to hear how Huckabee Sanders is going to spin this.

The “stable genius” who wants to spend billions of tax dollars building a “Space Force” to defeat Space ISIS just tweeted this:


Yes, your president just said that the moon is a part of Mars.

It’s no longer shocking that our president said something utterly stupid.  What is shocking is how the GOP continues to ignore Trump’s rapid mental deterioration. I’d be horrified if someone in my orbit said something bizarre like this to me, and I’d immediately try to get that person help—like NOW. Yet not even Trump’s own family members try to look out for him.  Everyone is just trying their best to justify and excuse every wacky thing he says or does in an attempt to hold onto power.  By tomorrow, Fox News will probably find a shameless scientist who will now argue to everyone that Mars is now a part of the Moon’s orbital system. 

Trump’s tweet even prompted the Washington Post to—I’m not kidding—fact check where the moon is:


Twitter is having a field day, as you might expect:




Even Moon Pies got in on the action:


Further complicating matters is the fact that Trump was just pushing to everyone that we were going back to the moon by 2024 “by any means necessary.”   Mike Pence, who can’t seem to humiliate himself enough, even tweeted this beauty right before Trump went off the rails:


Some could argue this is just some sort of mistype, but no…. Trump of the past few years has really gone off the deep end. He believes that you need ID to buy cereal, that asbestos would have saved the World Trade Center, and the F-35 is literally invisible. He believes that 125 year old mothers of Korean War veterans are tweeting him, and that the noise from windmills gives you cancer. He is not well.

This would all be very amusing if it wasn’t so frightening. Trump is literally losing his mind, and the GOP knows it.  Yet they are willing to put all of us in grave danger just so they can keep their tax cuts for the wealthy and get more radical judges in our system.  I long ago gave up hope there was anything Trump could say or do that would jolt them into moving Trump out of power and into a care facility so someone with all their facilities could take over. That’s not going to happen.  If he’s going to be removed, the American people have to do it.

2020 can’t come soon enough. I just hope we make it till then.


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