Fox News had an interesting graph along with a report on stock market moves in regards to when certain things happen to black men, police violence & deaths. The matter-of-fact format of the report was astounding.

Is Fox News normalizing the deaths of black men by cop/violence?

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A friend sent me an email that said the following.

You want to see institutional racism?
The implication of course is “you kill black men, your stock goes up”.
C (OWG – Old White Guy)

He included a link to a HuffPost article.

Fox News Bashed For Noting Stock Gains After Attacks On Black Men

Fox News on Friday posted an offensive graphic tracking stock market gains in the wake of several infamous attacks on Black men.

In an image labeled “S&P 500,” the multicolored graphic showed stock market increases after racist events that rocked the nation, including Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination and the deaths of African Americans Michael Brown and George Floyd at the hands of white police officers. The graphic also included the Los Angeles uprising after the 1992 acquittal of four white officers in the near-fatal beating of black motorist Rodney King. The Fox News graphic, presented during news coverage and not on one of the channel’s right-wing commentary shows, calculated “percentage change” in the market “one week after event.”

Each event was followed by an uptick in the stock market, ranging from a boost of 3.4% after Floyd’s death late last month to a 1.2% gain following the acquittal in the Rodney King beating case.

Fox News’ targeting of the events linked to stock upticks shocked viewers. The graphic was presented as part of a story on Friday’s stock surge, which was linked to a positive U.S. employment report.

Some will not immediately see the sinister nature of the tweet even as it is notably insensitive. The fact the stock market had strong gains after JFK's death and gains after Robert F. Kennedy's death.

Creating a chart of stark market gains after the black men's death is intended to marginalize. The expectation is to leave the impression that one should not worry about investments during crises like we are going through with black men. After all, black men's lives are inconsequential. Inserting JFK and RFK would have told a bigger reality. Our markets by definition are inhumane.

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