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What to Do Before the Midterms?

Is there anything we as progressives and Americans can do about the traitor Trump that we are not already doing?

I’m not asking this as some rhetorical question.  I realize that many are already part of the Resistance and work with Indivisible.  And I will do my part for the midterm elections.  And I know that I can be Debbie Downer, but let’s think about what will most likely happen in the very short term.

  • Congressional Republicans are traitors and will do nothing to stop Trump.  
  • Congressional Republicans may make some “strong statements” about Trump’s lovefest with Putin, but you know and I know that they are waiting for the Media to get tired about Trump and Russia.
  • The Republican playbook is for the Media to get bored and for Trump to show them another shiny object to distract from Trump’s treason.  Remember how Charlottesville changed everything or was as low as Trump could go?
  • Republicans have plans for Kavanaugh, Tax Cut 2.0, and another stab at killing the ACA.  Republicans have too much at stake to allow a little thing like treason to get in the way.

Given all of the above, what to do?

My suggestions are the following:

  • Skinner behaviorism with regards to Democrats.  

Huh?  What?  Democrats?

It appears that Democrats are starting to acknowledge what has been staring everyone in the face:  Putin has Trump by the balls.  I was surprised to see Schumer and Pelosi embrace what many of us “conspiracy theorists” have long advocated.  However, I don’t think it is the pee pee tape.  I think that Trump is a wholly owned subsidiary of Putin. 

Besides the latest Financial Times report, MSNBC had another report on Trump paying cash and buying golf courses that keep losing money.   Whose paying for that?  Not American banks.

Anyway, I think that we need positive reinforcers and negative punishment for Democrats latest apparent warming to the idea that Trump is a traitor.  A positive reinforcer that gets Democrats attention is DONATIONS.  I intend on donating to Amy McGrath’s campaign and let her know why I am sending what precious resources I have to her.  If Democratic candidates see a surge in donations after making statements like Amy McGrath, maybe Democrats will say, “Hey!  This making our base happy and opening up their wallets!”

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As for negative punishment, I suggest it be applied to the wusses in our midst.  And you know that their will be a few that do not want to say anything bad about Trump.  Besides not giving them money, you can always show up at their campaign or congressional offices and give them shit for not standing up for America.  How can they say that we progressives are being unreasonable when we are fighting to preserve democracy from a foreign attack?  

But we need Democrats in this fight.  We need for the Democrats to say over and over again that Trump is betraying the United States!  Nothing works like repetition in messaging.

  • We work the referees:  the Media.

Keep those emails, letters, phone calls, Twitter comments, and anything else you can think of to make life miserable for the Media.  This won’t work as well as with Democrats, but it seems to have worked for the right.  No reason says we can’t do the same.  Besides, it seems to have worked oh so well for Russian bots.

  • Confront Republicans in Public:  Fuck Civility.

While we are telling Republicans that they are immoral for tearing kids away from their parents, you might want to add in a comment or two about aiding and abetting treason.  We need a pithy chant that will get lots of attention.

I’m open to any other suggestions that you all have.

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