What the hell was that?

That was … what do you call it? Kind of nuts. It wasn’t a press conference. I mean, there were reporters there, and someone claiming to be the president.

But … but …

Oh, far, far too much crazy to sift through. I was worried he might actually take a dump on the floor, put a little paper birthday hat on it and start talking to it.

But here’s something:

Donald Trump, in his recently completed “press conference” (if it really happened and I wasn’t just telepathically communing with DMT machine elves), said that if Brett Kavanaugh’s name is withdrawn from consideration, they’ll just accuse the next nominee of attempted rape. And so on, and so on, and so on.

Because, like the turtles that hold up the earth, when it comes to conservative judges, it’s rapists all the way down.

But then how was Gorsuch confirmed? If it’s so easy to pull sexual assault and rape allegations out of a hat in order to derail a SCOTUS nominee, how come it’s happened only twice in the past 27 years? Did Democrats just come up with this idea now?

Okay, I have to go shake the crazy off, like sand from a beach blanket. I’m going to be finding crazy embedded in the carpet for weeks.


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