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What the hell is Chuck Grassley tweeting about?

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I know there are a lot more pressing concerns right now, what with the future of the U.S. Supreme Court hanging in the balance, but I do believe it’s relevant to point out that the guy tweeting this cryptic twaddle about a “pidgin” and a deer “carcas” is third in line to the U.S. presidency.





“Pidgin,” of course, is “a mixed language, or jargon, incorporating the vocabulary of one or more languages with a very simplified form of the grammatical system of one of these and not used as the main language of any of its speakers.” 

For instance, most Republicans speak pidgin English. Which is a step up from whatever Grassley is dry-heaving here.

Of course, if you’re a backwoods doofus hick who also happens to be a high-ranking, long-serving senator, a “pidgin” is what you find in the front yard of your Iowa farm.

Aaaaaannnndddd Twitter had some fun, natch:




I can only assume Grassley is also on the “Joe Biden is too senile to be president” bandwagon.

Get some rest, Chuck. Tomorrow is Monday, and you have a big day of shameless, unbridled hypocrisy ahead of you.

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