What the heck is wrong with you people?


Is this who we are now?

Have we forgotten what the Right did to Michelle Obama?

Are we now a group focused on attacking wives who don’t even want to move into the White House with their husbands, and who were so rarely visible on the campaign trail that whenever they did show up, comedians cracked jokes about being “let out her cage”?

Are we focusing these attacks around her appearance, of all things?

Hurry up and shoot the photo…Botox doesn't last forever.

Her features seem so indistinct, and her smile seems plastic. Not natural. Attractive the way plastic flowers in a waiting room make you wish you could go outdoors.

do you really want to know what’s under the mask?

“My husband and I actually have something in common; his speech pattern is mostly filler and so is my face.”

I’d caption it, but that’s not Melania…it’s Donald in drag

With all the airbrushing she only vaguely resembles a human.

Are we doing this for real?

alt take — “I feel naked not posing naked…”

Bond James Bond, 007’s Pussy Galore made it to the White House.


For sale. Like New.

Really, we’re now into slut shaming too?

The disconnect is amazing. From the comments, either she was a prop being used against her will:

I think she’s blinking an S.O.S.   😱

Donald told me to wear black because he thinks I am too fat now.

Wanted: Melania Trump, age subject to wild speculation, totally awesome build.  Last seen on January 20, 2017 in Washington D.C. wearing matching red bra and thong set.  Subject is armed and unhappy in her marriage.    

What are you, five years old? Who does this?

Or she’s a hideous spider woman (“She must have changed her name from Aragog.”), a soulless spy (“She is Vladimir Russian bot, to spy on the orange amoeba.  There is no substance to her IMO.  ”) (“No, I have never cared.  My soul is ice. “), a golem (“A better made golem than Drumpf or Ryan.”), etc. Either a person in an abusive relationship, or an evil monster, and neither side saw fit to complain about the characterization of the other side because they’re both having fun making fun of her.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Is this who we are?

There is one thing that’s not pretty here, and it’s the people who are taking part in this spectacle.

  • April 4, 2017
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