I will vote #BlueNoMatterWho, but I started with Harris and have just sent more $ to Warren. In the age of Citizens United, it is time to, as Al Davis said, “Just Win, Baby”.

  • I don’t like superPACs. Neither does she. But she has to run in the same race as everybody else, and you can only martyr yourself for so long *while every other candidate benefits from ignoring you* without taking huge monetary hits. Come on. 
  • Why the hell does Bernie have *nine* dark-money, non-donor discloses groups working for him? Why did he never take her up on her offer to step away from dark money? Why is he taking the opportunity to attack her for hypocrisy when he came nowhere near walking the walk? 
  • I will tell you why, because people have asked him why he works with Our Revolution and other PACs. His answer is “they don’t count.”
  • OR has multiple non-disclosed donors with donations over $200k. That’s dark money, plain and simple. 
  • And hey, if the candidates have to take dark money to beat the billionaires buying the election, okay. Lesser of two evils.
  • But Warren held out for a YEAR. She ran side by side with Bernie and Biden and Pete while *every one* except Klobuchar ran with an advantage. 
  • So Bernie can stuff his indignation in a barrel. When he disavows his nine dark-money groups (regardless if they’re named “Sunshine for Everyone” or “We Love Ducks!” They are dark money) and runs a year without them, he can get on a moral high horse on this issue. 
  • When someone stops a hunger strike, you don’t blame them for moral failings between bites of your nine-course meal. She took a stand. Nobody helped. 


— Tyler Sterns (@tylersterns) January 30, 2020


— MJ Lee (@mj_lee) February 21, 2020


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