WHAT? McConnell Advised Trump to RELEASE the Transcript of His Phone Call with Zelensky!

This cannot be real.  It’s just too mind boggling.

Report: Mitch McConnell urged White House to release transcript of Trump-Ukraine call

Gotta be click bait.  But…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly told the White House earlier this week that President Donald Trump should release the transcript of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Citing two people familiar with the conversation between the Kentucky Republican and the White House, the Washington Post reported Friday that McConnell said releasing the transcript would help dispel claims that the conversation between the two leaders was improper.

McConnell reportedly said releasing the transcript was necessary as speculation around the call with Ukraine's leader became “politically untenable.”

The Washington Post report did not specify which day McConnell spoke with the White House, but the Trump administration released Wednesday a five-page summary of the July 25 telephone call between the two presidents.

I’m checking my medication.  What are the side effects?  Hallucinations?

Did Moscow Mitch NOT know what was in that transcript?  Was he that delusional to trust Trump had not done anything really incriminating?  Is Moscow Mitch suffering from dementia?  

Or is the some Machiavelian plot?

The impeachment developments also brought up speculation that McConnell would refuse to hold a Senate trial if Trump were impeached by the House.

However, that prompted NPR's Tom Dreisbach to remind other media outlets and observers that McConnell told NPR months ago the Senate would hold a trial.


I think that Moscow Mitch will not hold a trial if the House impeaches Trump.  But this clearly shows that Moscow Mitch is not some great supervillain.